Popcorn Pulse 142: Guns Forever

Anyone check in on that Harry Potter guy? We hear the author hasn’t been getting high praise these days. Turns out Radecliffe was in an action movie in Guns Akimbo[2019].

Playing against type, he’s a nerdy loser who works for a pay to play game. At night, he drinks craft beer, masturbates, and “trolls” people online. As this is a film, trolling involves telling people they suck in livestream chats. This gets the attention of the head of an organization that runs real life murder fights. Potter-san wakes up with two guns drilled to his hands and a bounty on his head.

Tim then has Sleepaway Camp(1983). A slasher film set at a summer camp. I bet you didn’t see that coming. There’s a mysterious killer offing people all around the camp and a secret as to who it is. A really, really, stupid secret.

Weltall has Forever[2015]. A short lived series about a man who’s over two hundred years old and immortal. No, it’s not about Feinstein or Mcconnell. A dude who’s cursed to live forever and works as a medical examiner. His longevity has given him lots of time to collect things that get old and become antiques as well as learn things.

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