Manga Pulse 452: Yankee Sex

Gather round all ye. With the mailbag in our hands we have requests. Let’s see. Hate, hate, hate. And that’s just how we feel about the catalogs. Ah, we have at least a single request that’s been sitting on the back burner. Which is good as that takes care of fifty percent of our trouble in choosing. We’ll spin the wheel of degeneracy for Wetlall’s and call it a day.

Tim has Yankee Jk Kuzuhana-Chan. Saotome is a student at a high school which has just recently gone co-ed. He’s the only boy that’s decided to go there. The perfect setup to a generic harem manga which would make you toss it for three points from downtown. Though you shouldn’t let the premise keep you away. It lands nicely in Read It Now and the review has a bit more detail.

Weltall has Sex Ed 120%, because of course he does. The premise is thinly veiled sex education bound together by a plot. A school that wants to teach nothing and a teacher who wants their all girl class to learn. It’s education over entertainment and doesn’t make for reading. As we judge everything on how entertaining it is, we say Burn It.

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