Script 2 Script 8: Space Marines or Something

Come live a new life in the off world colonies. You may want to pack your carry-on full of bug spray. Or ammunition. It turn out bugs don’t like being shot in the face with either. You’ll be living and working alongside our elite militarized extermination teams.

Help us colonize the formerly useless worlds that did nothing but host useless, non-human life forms previously. Earn your citizenship in style while building new homes. Be prepared to sweep up the chunks of those who were too cowardly to stay the course and keep to the plan. They didn’t believe in the ideals of the Federation hard enough. That or they were a bunch of civilians. You’re not a civilian are you?

No, you’re not. That’s why you’re going to put on you’re thickest soled boots and enlist today. The first one thousand families to sign up get fast tracked for pool access. Stop by your local recruiting office and you’ll get a free tote bag just for stopping by! Don’t make us beg, Rico.

Popcorn Pulse 48: Filthy Getaway

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t listen and have strong feelings about all current or recent musical acts in existence. As such, the only time we’d ever heard Selena Gomez was in tandem to Justin Bieber. Then we decided to watch Getaway[2013].

Someone involved in this movie decided that Selena, who has no name, screech like a macaw with its leg caught in a car door at Ethan Hawke for twenty minutes. This is in spite of the fact she learns right away that he’s just a pawn. But at least all the car crashes are practical effects and we get to see Jon Voight disgustingly eat olives. Continue reading “Popcorn Pulse 48: Filthy Getaway”

Manga Pulse 343: Trigger Café

What are the forums worth? Months and months of head to desk percussive maintenance. Several concussions later, we have somehow managed to get the forums up and working-ish. At the very least we can now send mass emails to groups again. In theory, we should be able to alert subscribers to live shows. That’s once we get all the subscribers added. For those of you playing at home, if you’re a subscriber, you should probably email the main show to get added again when Weltall can get to it. It’ll be faster than him doing it by combing through the payments. Continue reading “Manga Pulse 343: Trigger Café”

Popcorn Pulse 46: Now You See Dick

As we hadn’t time to get our hands on a copy of a film which was suggested, we had to go with a second choice. We jointly discuss Now You See Me[2013], featuring the teaming up of Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson once more.

It features a team of four magicians who get recruited into a super secret society of magic. They go on a string of illusions/heists while pursued by the Hulk during some of his down time. This would explain why he was too busy to aid Captain America during the events of Winter Soldier. Continue reading “Popcorn Pulse 46: Now You See Dick”

Popcorn Pulse 47: Sorceressuckit

We don’t often get recommendations that we can jointly review. Tim is more than willing to sit down to any abomination put to celluloid, preference given to anything that predates the turn of the millennium. Weltall is tolerant as long as it isn’t mind meltingly stupid and filmed on some liberal arts major’s iphone. So it was with no small amount of trepidation that we approached a recommendation from our most prolific source of emails

Sorceress(1982) is a budget sword and sandal flick. Not that there was any other kind of fantasy film before Peter Jackson demonstrated it was worth investing a few bucks into a fantasy and treat it with a certain amount of gravity. It was made in Mexico, presumably to skirt the guild fees and to stretch their budget dollar further. It features twins who posed in Playboy, back when people cared, a knockoff Gimli before Gimli was filmed and creepy goat man who bleats and runs off to presumably masturbate in the woods. Continue reading “Popcorn Pulse 47: Sorceressuckit”

Popcorn Pulse 45: Brosnan Blow

It’s the beginning of Winter here in the northern hemisphere. Naturally the snow on the ground and approaching jam packed holidays, pick your favorite, made us think of lawn care. Specifically an ode to the care and feeding of the greenery from the nineties, The Lawnmower Man(1992).

Would you believe that it stars a pre Bond Pierce Brosnan? It also shares a title with a Stephen King short story but was so different from his work that he sued to get his name removed from the film. We’re not experts but we’re pretty sure that’s how you get yourself written into a story where you’re wife is a demon who sucks your soul out via toothy blowjobs while secretly screwing all your friends. Continue reading “Popcorn Pulse 45: Brosnan Blow”

Popcorn Pulse 44: Todayland

If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s making almost seemingly baseless assertions regarding people within the entertainment industry. In this case we tackle Tomorrowland[2015], today, which just came out the other day. In it, George Clooney is a master inventory who needs a spunky sidekick to help him ride an ancient rocket into another dimension so she can fix a scientific magic eight ball.

Because it deals, somewhat, with the theme of exceptionalism it feels right within the wheelhouse of Brad Bird, director of the incredible. We maintain that someone decided to take an un-optioned Bioshock adaptation and staple Disney over the parts of Rapture. Also, Hugh Laurie shows up as Dr Evil House. Continue reading “Popcorn Pulse 44: Todayland”

Manga Pulse 342: Gold Death

Whelp, it’s officially becoming the election year in the States. This means that the drudgery masquerading as election news is slowly morphing into actual news. It still looks like a man wearing a Tribbles ass who is famous for being rich and firing people will still be an actual candidate. And to think, people once lamented that a former actor was running after successfully being a governor. Continue reading “Manga Pulse 342: Gold Death”

Manga Pulse 341: Gun and Punching

There’s nothing quite like governmental redundancy. If nothing else, bureaucracy is quite good at making a theater out of stagnation and calling it action, see the TSA. Tim and Wetall have a brief discussion on this fact before entering the meat of manga reviews. Continue reading “Manga Pulse 341: Gun and Punching”

Manga Pulse 340: What episode is it again?

There is a lot of confusion in this episode based on its enumeration. This is because, for once, we suffered from a rare bout of overconfidence. As always, it leads to us screwing something over. We can only hope this doesn’t lead to people believing they’ve gotten an erroneous episode and email calling us idiots. While they would be factually correct on that count, the episode would still be correct. Continue reading “Manga Pulse 340: What episode is it again?”